Why the name 

It was almost kaybeausoleilimages which trips off the tongue of someone who can pronounce “beausoleil”, but which looks truly baffling in print even to me.  So no. And the obvious is already taken.

Photoarts says you’ll find more than raw photography here. All the images have titles; all have captions. With these added words we’re dealing in mixed media to begin with. Further, I’m not a photojournalist, and have no obligation to present unaltered reality. Therefore you can safely assume my images are manipulated, sometimes heavily, which adds a painting element to the mix. Finally, there might come assorted musings, quotes or poetry, all about photography.  So arts it is. I leave the definition of “art” to you. A glass of fine wine or spirits might help.

Who is the site for? 

Myself and anyone else who also enjoys looking at photographs (and who isn’t shocked by Photoshop). 

Is there an Artist’s Statement?

No. Although I did buy a book on how to write one.  

How is the site content organized? 

In galleries of ten images each, pulled from almost thirty years of scanned slides and digital files.

For categories, I set up wide-ranging themes, generally preferring them to the more traditional unifiers of geographical area or of animal species. There’ll be no Polar Bears of Antarctica. Sorry.

Most galleries are composed of mixed format, colour or non-colour images, but always, at least in my mind, related to their specific theme.

Material will appear, disappear or change on a whim – please come back once in a while to see how the site evolves. 

What if I want information about an image? 

If you’re thinking of contacting me about buying or selling anything -- of yours or of mine -- don’t. For technical or geographical information you’d like, if I have it, it’s yours. Just e-mail me through Contact.  

Biography:  Kay Beausoleil is writing in the third person because she’s been told you’re supposed to, and wouldn’t want to offend more than necessary. She is well past middle age, is obsessed with all things photographic, enjoys showing her work, has no formal schooling in anything artistic and doesn’t sell her prints. She’s retired and lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Kay was once member of a camera club, but now prefers online groups, particularly those which don’t preach the rule of thirds. She’s won competitions on several sites, most of which have since shut down. She’s also been published in magazines, and all but one have gone out of print.