A moment for some practical stuff:

At present, each individual gallery houses ten images for a total of one hundred. Should numbers change, you’ll find the new count somewhere obvious if I’ve finally figured out how to make it so.

A formatting quirk: In horizontal mode on certain screens, you might find words covering the lower right of an image. They shouldn’t. If they do anyway, please click on the word GALLERIES again — possibly even again and again — so text appears at bottom left where it truly belongs. This magically pulls up the menu list, making room for titles and captions to migrate left. (In a perfect world, a pulldown menu would pull up without being reminded …)

If you’d like more technical information about a given image: feel free to e-mail me through Contact with your specific question. I’ll answer what I can from memory, the EXIF data and whatever layers I remembered to save in Photoshop.